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Originally a burn/trauma ICU nurse by trade, I became skilled at nurturing the person as a whole - body, mind, and spirit.  I thrived in the high-paced and high-intensity arena of the ICU - which can sometimes mirror the life of a busy mom: being needed in 2 places at one time, long days, 24-hour care, unexpected emergencies, patience, perseverance, exhaustion, and a true desire to better the person. In search of a way to find a work/life balance, I engrossed myself in yoga, eventually becoming a yoga teacher myself.  I use teaching and practicing yoga as a way to unwind, to indulge my body and mind, and to help people use yoga as a primary means of bettering their health.  The classroom setting can be so rewarding for both student and teacher, and I hope to fulfill your need to build your own work/life balance for you and your family.



2801 New Mexico Ave., NW Washington DC 20007